12 January 2010

I'll Meet You 'Round the Bend, My Friend

"I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts 
can heal and souls can mend"*

St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square undergoing repairs
courtesy Tours of New Orleans

We're on our way to New Orleans and will be soaking up all the rich textural & visual culture of The Big Easy....to say nothing of sampling her amazing cuisine and fabulous JAZZ! We'll meander along the "third coast", stopping to visit the beautiful old city of Pensacola and the newly-minted urban-planned Gulf Coast communities of Seaside, Alys and Rosemary, then through Apalachicola with her circa 1820 French consulate. We'll return through Hattiesburg, Mississippi and New Orleans.

map of New Orleans circa 1880
see how the Mississippi River cradles the Crescent City in her bend

flag of the City of New Orleans, the three fleur des lis from her
birth under France; the red, white and blue because she is the
daughter of both the USA and France

*(I cannot find the source for this often-repeated quote...does anyone know it?)


in the New Year, it's:

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  1. Aloha,
    Hoping you enjoy your time there...I have yet to go, but I am looking forward to it in the near future:)I understand the cuisine is magnificent'
    It will be fun to hear of your adventures
    Aloha wishes

  2. Have fun on your trip. If you need any recommendations on what to do, email me. I live here. The saints are in a playoff game on Saturday so it's going to be very crowded downtown and in the quarter. I'm not sure if you are going to be here on Saturday but I wanted to warn you.

  3. Wait, I forgot, you're from here! :) Anyway, disregard all that, I'm sure you know what to do and where to go.

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  5. I just wanted to let you know that in addition to enjoying your blog … I have tagged you with the Creative Blogger Award. Please reveal seven things about yourself and then pass the award along to seven more creative bloggers… Terri at The Countrypolitan

  6. Hi Brandi! New Orleans is on the "must see" list! I'll be posting next week about the adventures there, thanks so much for visiting me!

  7. Bonjour bonjour Madame! I heard about the Saints Game and will stay away from NO on Saturday! I'm on the road and will be there on Sunday...so glad it warmed up in these parts. The "Forgotten Coast" of Florida was colder than I have been since I lived in Minnesota!! Yes I'm from NO originally but would love your suggestions of any design-related gems I can see while there....

    a bien tot, et "laissez les bons temps roulez!"


  8. Hello Terri!! Thank you for this incredible honor!! I of course also enjoy The Countrypolitan so I am intensely flattered! I'm traveling and catching blogging/email as I can...will follow up with you via iPhone! all best to you, and this sounds like a lot of fun. will be thinking of the seven things and yes there are certainly seven creative bloggers I can think of!

    gratefully yours



  9. Kit -

    If you are there on a weekday, you must visit my friend's shop on Magazine at 3652 Magazine Street. Gorgeous european furniture and it's very french and chic! Open from 10-3 I believe. You can lunch at Lilette across the street on the opposite corner.

    Have fun!

  10. Hi Stephanie, I will definitely visit your friend's shop....I'll also go to Hazelnut, belongs to _______? from Mad Men (I forgot his name) ...is that a good one, too?

    thanks so much, and I hope I win the Shalimar!

    bisous, Kit

  11. Brian Batt. Yes, it's very good. And a few doors down is Spring which sells clothing. Also good.

  12. Hi Madame, I didn't make it to Hazelnut ;( but will on the next trip...this one was a whirlwind!


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