20 January 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

I'm delighted to be given the Kreativ Blogger Award by Terri at The Countrypolitan. Her gorgeous and sophisticated blog is about the fusion of rustic elegance and cosmopolitan styles..which I love! Many thanks for this honor and for placing me in the company of my fellow bloggers of distinction!

As part of the award, I am asked to reveal 7 things about myself..so here goes:

1. I think I can sing, but I really can't. I want to be Whitney Houston or Etta James or Edith Piaf, or even Willy Nelson (ha!).
2. I adore the sea (a psychic once told me I was a sea captain in a past life!) I love walking by the sea with my husband and dog Ollie as often as we can make it over to Half Moon Bay.
3. I have floated..literally!.. in mid-air more times than I care to remember (I worked for NASA). Ask me sometime just how it made me feel!
4. I adore flea marketing, designing, shopping, traveling with my amazing daughter Lisa!
5. I love old French linen fabric that I can use & wash in the machine 'til it's soft as velvet.
6. Sometimes I dream in French, preferably Southern French!
7. I get verrrry cranky if I don't do something creative every day.


The wonderful blogs I pass The Kreativ Blogger Award to:

1. The Provence Post : Julie is the go-to source for happenings in my favorite place on earth

2. Decor de Provence : perfectly captures the essence of the Provence life I love

3. Oliveaux : stunning inspiration for design

4. Fabulously French : where you can browse and buy old Provencal things

5. Hidden in France : Corrine is an incredible writer with an eye for whimsy

6. The Brocantess : wonderful spirit and images

7. Visual Vamp : Valorie is vastly gorgeous and entertaining

8. Annechovie : I can't get enough of her beautiful watercolors

Be sure to check out all these great blogs!


in the New Year, it's:

Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


  1. Congrats on your award! I loved learning these things about you. How beautiful that you dream in French!

    I will have to go and look at the sites you mention now-thanks for introducing them.

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. Félicitations on your well deserved award! There are a few blogs that I have not visited, so I'll be heading off to see them now.
    Great list, I wouldn't mind floating in midair!

  3. Milles mercies Romance! floating in midair was possibly the most unique thing I have experienced to date! I prefer solid ground :)
    See you soon

  4. just found your blog and will continue to visit. I like it! :)

  5. Hi CJ, thanks! I like your blog premise about home staging as well and will visit again


  6. Congratulations ! You deserve it

  7. Melanie coming from you that is great praise as you know I adore your blog! thanks


  8. Thank you so much for the award, Kit! You're so sweet. xx

  9. Well deserved! And I loved reading about you... Nasa sounds cool!! I have to dig up the perimeter of the property at Garvinweasel to install an underground dog fence, so I'm thinking this would be an ideal time to install a particle accelerator... any advice on building a backyard atom smasher?

  10. Hi Anne, I'm quite sure it's not your first ;) but I want to honor your gorgeous site and art! thanks for stopping by

    all the best

  11. dear JamesXVI, sure my friends all work at SLAC, I'll get you a blueprint!! thanks for stopping by, I love your blog too


  12. Congratulations Kit! Your blog is beautiful and informative.

  13. HI Kathy, thanks for the kind remarks, I appreciate them very much.

  14. Kit - what can I say? I knew you'd be wildly successful in the blogosphere! Congratulations, Girlfriend!

  15. thanks to you Melanie! xxx Kit

  16. Hi Kit,

    Even a couple of things that I didn't know about you! Congratulations!!

  17. A MOST deserved award Kit.

  18. Peggy thanks so much! Can't wait to see you in Feb!


  19. Congratulations on the award! I'm glad to have found your blog.

  20. Hi Rene! thanks, I like your blog too...very creative!

    best Kit


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