23 January 2010

Oh My....

A little tile mosaic artwork, anyone? These opulent bathrooms are best suited for a penthouse in Dubai, but when I ran across them on the Kitchen Exchange blog(written by the talented Peggy Deras), I had to share them with you. They are the work of Italian mosaic factory SICIS.

We all need a little visual escape in this cold, grey January with our thin little post-holiday wallets hardly able to even buy a giant-sized Neutrogena Rainbath bottle for our shower....and here it is!

this blue color and flowering vine motif is so gorgeous

this one almost has an Anthropologie-like feel,
with its sprig of flowers gracing old-style footed tub

this one has the tasteful, tamed down Calvin Klein minimalist look

whoa! .... a little gold Victorian Gustav Klimt naughty girl look, anyone?

bordering on tasteful, if this were wallpaper, it's an almost accessible look

I have to confess I love this one!

butterflies & giant lilies

calling Sarah Jessica Parker's designer...yes, that is a bathtub
shaped like a high-heeled shoe

and so is this Japanese-girl-of-Shijuku-district look

a bathroom for a truly frivolous and flighty supermodel?


in the new year, it's :

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for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

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  1. I like the second pretty floral and the silver one is rather glamorous. The high heel models are fabulous but would never work with me, I could not resist the urge to slide down - splash! Crash!
    Bon Sunday!

  2. I stayed in an apt. in Paris last September that had really fun, bright mosaic work in the bathroom and kitchen: see my post:
    or: www.libbywilkiedesigns.com Posted on 9/14/09
    (Not sure which of these links....)

  3. bonjour bonjour! LOL on sliding down the high heeled tubs!! I can picture that easily!

  4. Hi An Eye for Detail!! thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog, we share a love of France, that's clear! I'll see you more soon!

  5. i had never thought of mosaic'ing the underneath side of a freestanding tub. Beautiful!

    the blue and silver is a heart-stopping beauty!

  6. HI Dana, it is breathtaking! I enjoyed your blog too...Kit

  7. All I can say is wow! What fun to take a long, luxurious bath in one of those. Makes a person want wrinkled skin,

  8. Hey CJ, me too...on these long rainy chilly winter nights, perfect for a long soak! all best to you


  9. oh wow wow wow the Klimt bathroom! :-o

    the butterfly bath tub!

    = ♥ ♥ ♥

    ♥ Maria-Thérèse blog.afiori.com

  10. Maria-Therese, bonjour! I know, could you JUST die for that Klimt look!! thanks for stopping by, I'll see you soon!


  11. oh my is right! these tubs are such artwork! I love your site and am having a wonderful time reading and learning new things. such great eye candy in every post!

  12. Padgett thanks! I love your site too, and appreciate the visit!



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