03 April 2010

Happy Easter {ca. 1910}

I love these vintage Easter cards from the beginning of the twentieth century. They are so quaint and charming, and speak of a much simpler time when a small card in full color illustrating a little fantasy carried a lot of emotional weight and impact. This was long before movies, telephones, television, computers, instant messaging, Twitter. I can just imagine the thrill of opening a letter (with a handwritten address and a real stamp!) to find a little treasure inside from someone dear. Sweet.

all images courtesy New York Public Library

If you celebrate Easter, I hope it's happy!
If not, I hope these little images will bring a smile and knowledge
that Spring really is just around the corner!


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  1. I love the first card with the beautiful blue urns...and the fifth card with the adorable smiling lamb. Sweet sweet post....Have a Happy Sunday....K

  2. Hi Kathy, thanks! You have a happy day too..thanks for visiting!


  3. These cards are so beautiful .... so special from times past when life was simpler. Happy Easter Kit!

  4. So very special. I think in times past cards were truly cherished items. That's why many people hated to part with them & kept them forever. Thanks for posting them, so sweet. Happy Easter to you ~ deb

  5. Happy Easter.. love the cards!

  6. I have a fashion illustration blog but design is design and you may appreciate winning my fashion shoe illustration that was originally published in Mirabella Magazine to hang on a wall, tres chic. Just follow to enter. I have been inspired your blog many times. Thank you,

  7. beautiful! there's something about vintage that i appreciate in a different level...i think it is the respect of our past and what was existing at that time...thanks for sharing..happy easter to you and family! maryann

  8. Happy Easter to you too, Kit! I hope that you enjoy some lovely Spring-time weather and that the Easter bunny brings you lots of chocolates!

    Best wishes always,

  9. HI Frances, hope you are having a lovely Sunday! thanks for visiting, I'll see you on your blog soon!



  10. awwww! that second one with the bunnies! <3

    My grandparents sent a yellowed card from the 40s to us. Pretty cool. I don't think I would have been able to write on it myself. There are Easter witches on it (see my blog where I demonstrate the concept ;)

  11. Hi Kit, I am one of the lucky ones whose mother in law periodically sends me handwritten cards and letters via snail mail. Every two weeks or so there is a little surprize waiting for us in the mail box... sometime it is just a clipping from the local paper or a recipe she wanted to share. Even though she uses email and instant messages programs, she continues her long term habit of sending these little lovilies to her family.

  12. Happy Easter to you! Hope you're having a great one! Lovely post!

  13. I'm always drawn to these as well as the valentines and Christmas cards of the same era. And Mother's Day, too!


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