17 June 2010

les Inondations: Flash Floods in Provence

The usually placid and lovely Arturby River in southern France has swelled with heavy rainfall and yesterday left its banks. The middle of the village of Draguignan in the Var has been destroyed and twenty lives have been lost. My heart goes out to the people who live there and who love France as much as I do.

While we in America still suffer for our beloved Gulf Coast, our thoughts are with those who have lost their loved ones and homes near the Cote d'Azur.

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  1. I know how unprepared they must have been for this tragedy. We shall pray for everyone in harm's way, Kit. I think divine intervention is necessary in the oil disaster. xx's

  2. We are a few hours away so not affected but I am heartbroken for those who are...xv

  3. Hi Marsha thanks for stopping..yes you are very close to the Gulf Coast too...

    Your post is so gorgeous today!! a real mood-lifter!



  4. Hi Vicki, I just wonder, if the Arturby can overflow so drastically, what about le Sorgue, etc? It seems the worst floods are through that part of the Var, if you go back to the Frejus flood in the 50's onward....

    Thanks for visiting



  5. I think my heart stopped beating looking at those pictures. The things that some must face..... Many prayers and thanks for the reality check. I love your blog header :)

  6. I've been immersed in our own bubble that I had not realized that this had happened in France. I keep saying that I'll stick to watching BBC America as we get more thorough world news. Truly tragic and deeply saddened to see any suffering of people and animals. The photos are remarkable. Will definitely keep the them all in my prayers. Thanks for posting Kit. x

  7. My parents were on the phone, describing the disaster. And I was the one complaining with our floods this winter....I really need to put everything into perspective.

  8. Having spent some time in the Provence and Isle Sur La Sorgue, I see these pictures of the VAR and empathise(sp)? with the people there.....We have had some issues lately here in the Gulf..... Thanks for bringing this to light... I get home too late these days from the shop to get BBC but I love the perspective..... Thanks Kit..

  9. Dear Kit ... So sorry to hear about the floods in France and also the terrible oil spill in the Gulf. Thank-you so much for visiting and the offer of getting together whilst we are in your beautiful city. We are here till Saturday so tomorrow would be fantastic. Our number +61407211705 ... it is my husband Andrew's phone or we are staying at The Fairmont.... would absolutely love to hear from you!
    Cheers and best wishes
    Frances aka M.A. the 2nd
    ps we want to go to MIette!

  10. Kit, I love your blog. Flood was terrible....We now have a gorge, yes, a gorge and waterfalls in Les Arcs where once there was only a trickle of water. Have not posted photos of this yet but see others on my blog..www.maryjames.net


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