29 June 2010

Whiling the Summer Away, Elegantly

For a little Provencal magic in your garden this summer, look no further! Celebrations take on new importance with these sheltering canopies and tents defining your space and creating an undeniably chic and festive air. You can almost hear les cigales chirping and the warm gentle breezes ruffling the fabric as you and your guests relax with un aperitif under these magnificent structures and while the glorious summer hours away.

the Baldachino canopy in lemon yellow
framed with bamboo

the Giostra tent in the festive red and white stripes
of summer

I love this intimate little spot created
by "Umbrello Rettangulare"

this gauze linen and iron structure with chandelier
create luxurious elegance by the sea

the ultimate elegance for a special occasion is this
wooden and bamboo structured tenting

Your collection of miniature orange and lemon trees, topiary boxwoods and lavender plants will attain that je ne sais quoi ease and elegance when potted in these authentic Provencal containers. From the elegant and stately square box planter derived from the orangeries of Versailles, to the modern, minimalist zinc containers that complement the natural elements so beloved in Provencal gardens and homes, you will evoke la cote mediteranee.

your boxwoods never looked so chic!

the Vase d'Anduze first appeared in Provence
in the 16th C. under Henry IV

simple and chic terra cotta pot
in brilliant red enamel adds such
elegance to this entryway

zinc pots work with modern, sleek gardens
and architecture and look fabulous
with textural plantings

the square box "caisse de Versailles" is
a classic for smaller citrus trees; originally designed
by Lenotre to open for storing trees indoors
in the wintertime

small limestone benches with fleur de lys and lions


pavilions, tents, planters and bench all available at

the unforgettable Abbye de Senanque with lavender fields
in full bloom, near Gordes, in Provence


  1. It's refreshing to see other colors being used besides blue.

    Love those canopies!

  2. What beautiful eye candy -- different stylish designs to suit just about any ones taste. The Abbye de Senanque with lavender fields that is in full bloom, near Gordes, in Provence is what I think of or image in my mind when I think about Provence. It has it all with a sense of elegance and good taste and refinement.


  3. HI Ann, thanks for visiting, I love the citrusy colors too, and let's face it, in the summer we already have big blue skies!



  4. Hi Joanny! yes let's get back there right away, quick before lavender fades!! thanks for visiting!



  5. How beautiful, I especially like the huge bamboo stucture...and the red enamel pot. I absolutely loved the little house in your last post too, how wonderful and pretty, like a little fairytale... Have a lovely week. Love from London x

  6. These canopies are totally fabulous....xv

  7. What a wonderful "magical" post. Dreamy.
    Funny that my own post today is about outdoor spaces, but mine, though beautiful as some of those spaces can be in the summer, are not quite as regal as yours... Bravo!

  8. Bonjour Mlle Poirot thanks for visiting both posts! these are both a little enchanting for the summer! Hope all is well in London; my brother is headed there tomorrow! wish I were going with him!



  9. Hi Vicki I was inspired by the post you did using camoflage cloth, what a great idea, so chic and practical...tres Provencal!



  10. Bonjour Jeanne-Aelia! your post is gorgeous, love your outdoor spots! thanks so much for stopping by my friend!



  11. The tent looks so fun for the summer, you're right. But, the chandelier in a canopy!!!! Hello! Beautiful and oh-so smart! Could lead to a romantic evening, no?
    Lila Ferraro

  12. Hello Kit, I love this chic Provence.....and I love the lavenders!!!Regards, Gloria.

  13. Wonderful images. I've just been noticing boxwoods in urns and planters - love the look.

  14. Kit I loved this post and all that incredible canopies, tents and planters. To me, your outdoor space is just as important as the inside & these examples just appeal to the joys of outdoor living. To lounge outside like that (any one of those) surrounded by gorgeous landscape, I can't think of a better life. I think I could smell the lavender through the monitor!
    Wishing you and yours a very fun and safe 4th of July weekend x

  15. I must be in a red mood b/c the red pot and the red & white striped canopy really speak to me! I'm loving it all!!

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