11 June 2010

A Sumptuous Dining Room in San Francisco

We've been away for almost two weeks, celebrating weddings and graduations with family back east and I'll post more on that visit later! For now, an incredibly beautiful, sumptuous room in the hills of San Francisco overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

When I visited the San Francisco Decorator Showcase the stunning showstopper dining room in the venerable mansion was the brilliant work of Suzanne Tucker, acclaimed as one of the top 100 designers in the world by Architectural Digest. She created a most inviting room with a gorgeous tablescape set for a festive celebration. My photographs do not do this room justice!

the table is set using natural elements combined with elegant
china and glassware: the huge rock crystal forms the base of the centerpiece,
the use of succulents (so modern!) in textured silver vases, of sea urchins and
spiny flowers in coral, and those gorgeous amethyst hurricanes

things I love about this room:

1. the warm color scheme of yellow and brown with accents in complementary colors amethyst and coral

2. the brilliant use of detailing on those gorgeous chairs to give them an "outline" against the pale carpet and white tablecloth

3. the natural elements she brought into the elegant mix: sea coral, the huge rock crystal, the organic form of the lamp

4 .the mix of traditional furnishings with modern twist in the chairs, the art, and the collections displayed in the case

the very welcoming bar is a study in
balance: the large modern canvas offsets the
warm traditional wood table and floor; the spiky lamp
is a counterpoint to the smooth silver and crystal

martini, anyone?



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  1. Bonjour Kit,
    SOunds like you've had a busy few weeks. What fabulous rooms. I have a round dining table, I think it is the perfect shape for conversaton. I'm sure you create the most beautiful rooms.
    Sorry I've gotten a bit behind in visits to my blog friends, I'm back on schedule now!
    Have a marvelous weekend,

  2. Bonjour Mimi! thanks for stopping by, great to see you! yes it has been so busy but I'm glad things are settling down a bit now..I've also gotten a bit behind in blogvisiting!

    I love using round tables, up to 60" is great size for conversation. Looks like a fabulous weekend shaping up, enjoy yours too!



  3. Kit beautiful!! Stunning work of art as well as the table and bar design.

    Art by Karena

  4. Hi Karena, I wish I knew who the artist is who did the yellow painting..I think I can find out...it's great, isn't it?

    Thanks for visiting!


  5. Love the color scheme of this room and it is so warm and inviting! I too love round dining tables as they are perfect for conversation. Those chairs are outstanding!

  6. I share your passion for all things French so I found your blog to be great fun. I just posted a piece about Napoleon's necessaire and plan on posting a piece later in the month about one of his rooms at Fontainebleau (which, incidentally, was about the color of your golden dining room above.


  7. Of course, you know I love the huge crystal quartz piece on the table, how beautiful. Thank you for showing us this splendid table. xx's

  8. Anonymous28 May, 2012

    Is the painting done by Mark Rothko? If so- WOW!


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