20 August 2011

Before Everyone Else Is Up in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

One early morning in April we found ourselves walking through the roads and alleyways in l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in Provence. We stopped in for un cafe et une croissant, then wandered through the quiet streets before the hustle and bustle of the day. Peeking into store windows and watching the locals get the day going, here is what we saw:

a sweet topiary window display

coffee and croissant

and the newspaper to start the day

I love a lot about this window; the lamps, the table
the colors, the shadowy painting... my reflection:)

the burly gendarme and his burly dog
get their morning going

couldn't wait 'til this antiquaire opened!

General Charles de Gaulle's speech in 1940

the "general store" in town before the day's rush
of customers

the Easter delectables in the window
of one of the confiseries

what's so funny chocolate bunny? :)

this antiquaries was just setting things up on
their terrace by the river

pillow covers pieced together from vintage French
linens of many types

the coolness of cement in a shaded garden terrace

peeking in another antiquaire

a doorway of local home; the colors
of apricot and lavender I love!

a cool spot to stop and rest a moment

a stolen kiss between the betrothed!


{all photos taken with my iPhone}

merci pour la visite! .. Kit


  1. Hello,
    that was a wonderful tour with lots of pretty pictures. Love every spot and every vignette. Thank you for the inspiring post.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  2. Hi I have been to I'lse sur la Sorge and loved loved the food market soo much. So your post was a lovely memory jolt for me of a gorgeous holiday spent in France. Thanks you


  3. Kit I can see what a fabulous time you had through your wonderfully delightful images! thank you for sharing since I could not join in!


    Art by Karena

  4. oh oh oh ! My heart bleeds seeing these pics ! Love Isle sur La Sorgue very much !

  5. The smell of freshly baked bread, and coffee...

  6. j'adore l'isle sur la sorgue !
    belle journée

  7. I'm going back the end of September...and now I really can't wait! It is one of my favorite towns. But yes, you must get there early on a Sunday: by mid-morning you can hardly make a way through the crowds!

  8. Of course, I was so thrilled to see these wonderful pillows! How
    thoroughly French they are. What a lovely place it is indeed.

  9. Lots of greatings from switzerland, you find more photos from l'isle sur la sorgue on my blog!

    Jacqueline ♡


  10. Hi Kit - I am from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I have just spent the last hour going over your blog - I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it - I will definitely keep logging on to see what you have next. I have starting a blog which you will see pertaaining to French things - My husband & I loved Paris and the parisian people. The Architecture and Art and country surroundings were just heaven and I am so glad we stretched ourselves to go there. I have started reburbishing furniture into French Shabby Chic - just put my first piece on my blog. Thank you once again for the journey.


  11. What a great time you must be having! Love the photo with your reflection in the window...

  12. My very favorite kind of trip...green with envy. Thanks for sharing.

  13. it was really excellent post!
    thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

  14. le village était très beau quand j'étais jeune.
    Maintenant il est pour des touristes et des antiquités.Très triste.

  15. Just lovely. Your photos brought a smile to my face!

  16. You were so kind to comment at one time on my blog, just coming back from Savannah and the beautiful coast. I traveled extensively in the Provence when I was first married and our grown boys were little. We lived still in Germany at that time and France was so close.... I miss it!
    Your blog is filled of beautiful things!

  17. my heart is racing looking at these.... i am hoping you are well my sweet friend.... xoxo

  18. Early mornings in Provence are just the best! Your blog and the beautiful pics take me right back to Isle sur la Sorgue - one of my "must stops" whenever we are back in Provence.

  19. You take better pictures with your iphone than I take with my 'real' camera.

    This is one of the place I have always wanted to visit. I'll make sure when I go it's around Easter time. Aye caramba those chocolate filled windows!!!

  20. Hello from Aix en Provence ! I was surfing here and there, coming from another blog (Vicki Archer's French Essence), and landed here. Thank you so much for giving a nice image of my country and of my people, it's always a big pleasure to see that some foreign people still appreciates us ! Especcially in those times, when some french people got talked about for scandal or bad things that get us so shamely and embarrassed. I'm glad you like my country and you appreciate us. You're always be welcomed. Regards from Provence, Emmanuel :)

  21. I was in Aix back in April...this post made me re live my trip. Beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Nice photos and thanks for sharing. It makes me feel like I was there with you guys. Indeed, everything is so beautiful

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