04 August 2011

Maison de Campagne

I am researching authentic Provence remodeling projects for new clients here in California. This couple is ready to create the certain feeling of an old maison de campagne in Provence, a la Coté Sud, in their home. Translating the Provençal look from the south of France to south of San Francisco will be a collaborative effort with my clients, who are themselves transplanted French citizens. I am so excited to work with them!

Coté Maison provided a wonderful jumping off point today. This featured home carries many strong characteristics of the renovated Provençal maison, such as use of the existing stonework, exposed ceiling beams, stone floors, polished and waxed concrete, iron door and window frames, and lots of re-use of old wood and materials. A completely relaxing atmosphere is created devoid of fussiness or extraneous embellishment for a simple, chic and livable home.

detail of the coffee tabletop arrangement

stone floors and walls, touches of linen,
leather seating and exposed beams all
express a simple chic Provençal life

the guest room is upstairs, thus the wooden floorboards; the
iron bed is a flea market find; the overhead beams are
lightened to a soft grey so they are not overbearing

the chic and simple Italian shower, open to
the room, is partitioned by an old found
wooden shutter and finished in concrete

the roughness of the limestone sink and the cut stone
floor is offset by the 19th C. gilded round mirror

the rustic long farmer's table in the dining room
has rusted metal lights hanging overhead, chic
wire-frame chairs and an old porch chair
from Cuba

weathered Cuban rockers with cowhide rug and very rustic
coffee table softened with the pearls; note the simple cantilevered
bench with the linen cushion

the concrete floor and iron framed doors
lead you directly into the garden outside;
old wood and wicker create comfort


thanks for visiting! Kit


  1. i'd love a provencale maison... these pictures are just gorgeous, makes me dream... x sandra

  2. SooooooGlad the Rehersal dinner came offf without a hitch. The pictures showed you pulled it off with your ususal style.....I loved the white dinner post and this one,any Provencial kitchen makes me swoon!!!!!!I have been playing catch up my online trunk show starts today..... Please check it out and let me know what you think!!! Maryanne xo

  3. Lovely images that inspire that no one else has! Thanks for sharing.
    xo xo

  4. de trés jolis photos qui sentent bon le sud, le bon gout, les vieilles pierres.
    belle journée

  5. Oooh, I do like those looks. It definitely seems like a modern stone cottage.

  6. love the stone work and details...surely you will produce something fabulous as you always do!!

  7. Wonderful choice of images from Coté Maison – one of my favourite magazines. You have a great design philisophy to match your creativity. I would love some of your skills in ma maison française, which is about to be renovated - I hope. It is a bit of a juggling act when my house is in the centre of France and I reside in Australia! Keep the inspiration coming please.

  8. Fabulous inspiration and what an exciting project this will be. Hopefully you will post as it progresses. Have a great week. Mona

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  13. se sont de trés belle photos; bonne décoration pour une maison de compagne.


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