02 February 2013

Trouvais Wins Chic Provence Giveaway!

{ you might want to turn your volume down for this or you'll wake the neighborhood!}

{ Newsreel voiceover }  In breaking news yesterday as the drawing took place for the incredible $250 Rough Linen's from Tricia Rose in honor of our Chic Provence Design Tour 2013, one of the latest entries from the eleventh hour won the drawing.

Fate took a hand and awarded the prize to one who is already known far and wide for her love of fabrics, be they gorgeous antique satin embroidered silks from 18th C. France or "rough linens" from old country French vintage grain sacks. If you loved old French things and fabrics, you have undoubtedly drooled over her gorgeous blog many, many times.

Yes, Trish Allen of Trouvais was the winning entry! 

Many thanks to all of you who participated in our Giveaway; please join me in congratulating Trish!

Join us! You need this, cherie!
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  1. Well...maybe my unlucky streak is ending...after 55 years! I will certainly have to enter more contests! Thank you for the chance to win...looking forward to meeting my "neighbor" Tricia Rose! Merci, Kim! XO Trish


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