28 February 2013

le jardin Provençal

If the mid-winter doldrums have set in, and you are dreaming of a garden in Provence, this is the perfect time to head over to my lovely sponsor's site:  Authentic Provence. There you will go on un petit vacance while you wander through the gorgeous things Susan has brought back from France to America... just for you, cherie!

Everything I show you here, and much more is available. It is all authentically Provençal/French and hand-picked by Susan. She carries lots of architectural pieces, reclaimed wood and stone flooring, fireplace surrounds, iron furniture, chandeliers to die for... in short, lots of stunning things for your dream Provençal home.

Have fun planning your summer garden in Provence... or your own back yard?

There, don't you feel happier now?


Consider joining us in Provence... 
you need this, cherie!
more information about 

nearly sold out!


  1. Hello Kitt! So much treasures! Thanks for sharing these inspiring photos with us! I wish you a lovely weekend! With love, Geli

  2. A wonderful selection Kit, and I will stop in to see the rest of the French finds!

    Art by Karena

  3. Lindas peças antigas. Adoro objetos antigos tem uma história e uma vida a nos presentear.
    Tenha um ótimo fim de semana.

  4. Oh Susan has lovely items! Great post and can't wait to start planning my spring garden :) bon weekend


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