13 February 2013

PopUpHood: Old Oakland

Who knew? buried in the daily busy-ness of design work, blogging and general life across the Bay, I certainly never realized such a cool concept had emerged in Oakland.. California.. right under my nose!

We found ourselves at ground zero for Old Oakland's PopUpHood yesterday morning on business.. and having a little time to spare, we had breakfast and walked around this wonderful, conceptually excellent little quartier.  It's an incubator for creative businesses, and the neighborhood has been designed to keep the old buildings intact and enhance their 19th century elegance. After strolling through the block or two, I feel they have done an excellent job.

The brainchild of Sarah Filley & Alfonso Dominguez,  this brave new concept  of "social entrepreneurship, collective impact and creative placemaking" is a reaction to the sluggish and changing economic model in our country, and was launched in September 2011.  Even Warren Buffet's granddaughter is participating as a wonderful,  up and coming artist with her incubated shop Piper & John. 

Are there PopUpHoods where you live? I'd love to hear about them!

Stroll through with me!

source: The Bold Italic

source: The Bold Italic

Nicole Buffet (yes, that Buffet) in her shop
source: The Bold Italic

Friday morning Farmers' Market in Old Oakland's PopUpHood


All of the beautiful art above is by the very talented artist,
Nicole Buffett  check out her amazing work!


welcome to Ratto's Deli... don't you love those old emporiums from
the 19th Century with the soaring, mile-high ceilings and lots of
space for displaying their many delectables? that and tables
outside in the sun make Ratto's a great Old Oakland destination
since 1897 (definitely NOT a PopUp!)

Below are views of the street scene... very well preserved 19th C. buildings create a wonderful atmosphere for strolling, shopping and dining in the heart of the Old Oakland PopUpHood. We noticed several design and architecture firms, along with law and accounting firms among the retailing incubator. 


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  1. Wonderful article, Oakland has changed a lot in the 25 plus years since I lived in Pleasanton!

  2. Hello Kit! Thanks for this beautiful post! Have a nice week! With love, Geli

  3. My son has just bought an apartment across from the Paramount, I have sent him your link Kit. Very buzzy over there!

  4. Very cool, Kim. Great photos. Will have to venture over and take a look! Happy Valentine's Day! Trish


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