26 February 2013

Sunday Stroll..

Maybe it's because I grew up with four brothers... but I am a sucker for old, vintage-y automobiles. So when Chris and I were out walking Nicky Sunday I fell for this 1934 van.. every thing about it.. the Art Deco shape, Hercule Poirot era, that shape, the gorgeous turquoise color, and that patina! Right there, parked outside of the little breakfast cafe we frequent on weekends..

Don't you love these old vehicles?

and then... this is a design blog after all... we came across THIS incredible
turquoise lamp in the antique shop.. a commissioned work by Tiffany, it was made
to go with the Rookwood pottery base, circa 1900... if it looks good in my iPhone
photo, it was stunning in person... as were the desk accessories..
lamp:  $35,000...  a little more than our Sunday stroll budget

more examples of gorgeous turquoise American pottery from
1900 - 1930's

Rookwood Pottery Factory, Cincinatti, 1907


Consider joining us in Provence... 
you need this, cherie!
more information about 

nearly sold out!


  1. I have always wanted a vintage automobile....one day....thanks for the lovely images~I can keep dreaming....

  2. Hello Kit! This car is a dream and in my favorite color .... I wish you a lovely week! With love, Geli

  3. I had to smile because I'm similar to youon 3 accounts - 4 brothers, a lover of vintage cars and the Art Deco period. I live in a house from that era and we have managed to keep almost all of its original features, including a bathroom. All I need is a car from this period sitting in my garage to complete "the look"! Warm regards.


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