23 February 2009

2009...The Designer is Now Invisible

This just in. It is now quite passe to see your designer in your home's interiors. The designer of today must be transparent; her job is to create for you that which cannot be duplicated:  a bespoke home.

Gone are the days when a designer could create his/her own look and have clients dying to get just "that" look. They don't fall for that. No, the client in 2009 is far more sophisticated and craves four things:

1. Refinement: lots of custom touches, including having some artisinal things that are old and slightly worn, unique fabrics, rugs and wallcoverings, pieces made that fit them exclusively and showcase their collections, carefully orchestrated palettes that flow from their inspiration, sumptuous fabrics, textures, art

2. Time: carefree materials, kitchens carefully designed with ergonomic zones in mind, mini-kitchens throughout the home, laundry facilities located where they are needed, homes wired for security, for convenience

3. Comfort: well insulated from noise and temperature extremes; soft landing places, soothing fabrics and finishes, sustainable, non-toxic materials

4. Privacy: slipping in a side door unnoticed to view design proposals works for today's clients; the end goal is not to have your rooms show up all over the media; no one wants their private spaces on view any more 

It's a wise designer who knows in her heart that it is the client's home after all. The designer will not live there, the client will, in a bespoke home like no other. 

And that is very good news. 

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