10 February 2009

Breaking News....Optimism in the Financial Sector!

This buoyantly designed and cheerfully sustainable financial institution is not taking it lying down. Not for them the doom and gloom of bottoms falling out of markets, the dollar devaluing and plunging real estate. 

Lobby Reception with Art Inspiration

Cafeteria with Marmoleum Floor

Stairwell with Glass Bricks and Sustainable Carpeting

In this remodel, I used cheerful and natural colors throughout, I created beautiful translucent walls, and invited mother nature inside to peek over the shoulders of those keepers of the Dow Jones. 

I worked as the designer for Hagman Associates Architecture to choose sustainable carpeting from Shaw, Linoleum from Forbo Marmoleum, and wall coverings from Knoll Textiles throughout the 31,000 s.f. space. I designed the translucent walls and panels using sustainable resin from 3-Form and reclaimable metals by DIRTT wall systems for the San Jose, California administrative offices. 

Design inspiration was a large,  brightly colored and energetic painting used for corporate branding. This vibrant painting inspired the colors used in defining work spaces, and allowed us to tone down several areas to more natural colors and elements.

3-Form Resin Pattern:  Fossil Leaf Large

65 ft. Demountable Wall made from 
3-Form Resin Panels

Lobby With Arcadia Chairs with 
Mohair and Leather

Cubicles With Vibrant Color Accents

3-Form Resin Panels: 
 Hydrangea Thatch and Solo

We are betting the optimism grows and spreads, all the way to Wall Street!

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