24 February 2009

Hotel Triton...Retrofuturistic, Tres Chic, and Green

The winter, even in San Francisco, can wear on a designer. We love color, light, texture. At first we embrace the rains and fogs, with their oh-so-chic palettes of greys, off whites, cool blues, slates. But now, February, some color and a bit of zing is a welcome sight. 

So when I met my client at Cafe de la Presse for a little morning cappuc' & croissant, we wandered next door. If the espresso had not done its work of shaking off our slumbering mood, the lobby of the Hotel Triton would have. Definitely. 
In a dizzying, riveting 360 degree mural surrounding the lobby and rising 30 feet, I.M.Pei's daughter-in-law, Kari Pei rocked the Pantones. Were all the cool people acting nonchalant as they i-Phoned in their next big deal on the banquettes? Yes.
But for me, well, my blood pressure rose a few points. It's like walking straight into a Chihouly and taking a seat for a ride through the looking glass. 

Did my head spin? Yes.


  1. Yum. Here I thought that my graffiti-splattered home of Venice Beach had a monopoly on bright hues. Guess there is life outside of LA after all... ; - )

  2. yep, there's a vibe in SF that can't be missed, come see! and did I mention this is all eco-friendly, sustainable and green?


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