26 February 2009

Now Even I Can Have a Tiny Footprint!

*not my actual feet, fyi!*

And that's no small thing. My dogs clock in at size 10 and holding! Never mind all the jokes about being a great swimmer...I always wanted smaller feet! Now I can have them!

If I :

change all my light bulbs to cfl's, 
don't run the water while I brush my teeth,  
recycle like mad, 
compost then grow my own veg, 
team up for errand-running, 
turn down the thermostat and wear my woolies, 
bike to the market, 
thumbs down to excessive packaging, 
use things up,
use used things more, 
dine with cloth not paper napkins, 
turn off my computer, 
unplug all things, 
learn about, buy and use green cleaning stuff, 
swim to Europe my next vacation, 
buy locally produced goods and services, 
visit flea markets more, 
fix broken things...

..I will have a smaller (carbon) footprint!

It's really that simple. Just adjust every single aspect of your current reality, and make it work. It's the only choice that makes any sense at all. 

Think how dainty you will look in your next (locally produced?) Manolos!

local glass blower in Sonoma County, makes incredible lights

one of my favorite flea market haunts

make wonderful things out of stuff you find, like this light


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