18 February 2009

Friends in High, Green Places

Liz Goldsmith. She is a renaissance woman. She knows what is good for you and your home long before you do. And she is brilliantly well connected to boot. 

If you like the new look of my blog, it's thanks to her. She took my blog to school...to the graduate class in e-commerce she teaches at Florida State University. That class of very hip, bright and with-it students took their time to study my blog and came up with great ideas and suggestions, some of which I have already incorporated. I am looking forward to a group shot of this remarkable class, in particular Brittany C. Jones and Amanda Conseur. Many thanks!

Then Liz sent me her latest book, Green Cleaning for Dummies, which is the sine qua non on going green in the most basic & healthful way. Get this book now, before you go out and buy one more bottle of bleach. Create a safer, softer, cleaner home environment. Sleep better. Reduce health risks. Make your world smell better. 

Get this book for your cleaning crew, if you are lucky enough to have one. Give it to your office manager at work, give it to your mother, your brother, your doctor, your grocer. Educate yourself and use the information in this book to change your life now and for good.

Then, stay tuned. Elizabeth Goldsmith has another book just published I can't wait to read:  Green Your Home. Also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders online. 

Use that mouse instead of leaving the house and order both these books today. Your mother (earth) will thank you, your body will love you, your children will breathe easier.   

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