09 February 2009

Three Color Trends 2009...Who's to Say?

I mean, really. Here are the color trends for interiors put forth by our friends at Benjamin Moore Paints. They derived these palettes from the larger studies by The Color Institute. I'd love to know what you think:

first palette:  Nature's Essence
The basics of nature at its roots...giving a tonal story of whites and off whites, subtly accented with organic green and lichen grey. Keeping things simple in 2009 since our world is in such turmoil, do our homes have to be? Begin with chantilly lace, a very start white, very simple and pure. From there add a bit of grey sky, the soft browns of white sand, the sea haze for a water feeling and pale avocado for a dash of hope!

second palette:  Unexpected Synergy

Sophisticated use of complex colors, these are colors with a darkened undercurrent that makes them warm, deep and rich. These are "liveable" colors for our times giving people a sense of peace, of security and safety. No bright Chinese reds here! We are all staying home a little more these days, and these colors envelope people and hold them close. 

third palette: Personal Imprint

On the other hand, people are also making "billboards" of themselves today. Tattoos. Green hair. Thrift store wardrobe. Individual expressions of belonging to a group. That's what these colors are all about. Unexpected combinations and throwing in colors to change the entire feel. Green is still here, even the young will not let go of the optimism of green. And not just any old black will do with this crowd:  it must be very high gloss and reflective. 

Then there's you and me. What do you think of these colors? Would you use them in your rooms? How do they make you feel?

If you did your own color palette of six colors, what would they be? Do you know why?

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