04 May 2009

The Client Looks Like a Young Cindy Crawford

She moved last year from her lovely Hamptons digs on the east coast to one of San Francisco's forgotten neighborhoods to take up her teaching post at a traditional boys' school on Nob Hill. 

The soul of thrift and chic, she chose a rental house in La Precita overlooking the boulevard with it's wide, beautifully planted park and its streets full of murals. Children's laughter and mariachi music filled the later summer air. All on the rather sunny side of San Francisco. 

Because the inside of her jewel of a home needed an uplift and some simple furnishings, we headed for the Alemany Flea Market.  There we found chic metal chairs and table, some art, a bookcase or two. We found inspiration for her color scheme for the five room, 2 patio home in this lovely 40's fabric designed by The Michael Josef Design Group.

That led us to a delectable palette of very liveable and uplifting colors for Liz's new home. Now the inside matches the spirit of the view from the front bay window.
A++, indeed!


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