11 May 2009

Scrappy Little Alemany....A Market in the Spirit of Provence

The red headed stepchild to the far tonier Alameda Flea Market across the Bay (I've spotted celebrities there!), the scrappy little Alemany Flea Market endures Sunday after Sunday in the spirit of the markets of Provence. 

You can find great stuff here, the prices are much more "accessible" in this downturn,  and the French pastries are spot on for an early morning browsing treat (think petit pain au chocolate, brioche) along with strong coffee. 

Mothers Day at the Alameda Flea Market

Fabulous Octagonal Fretwork Table that 
Looks Like Carved Ivory (but isn't!) $40.

Leading Letters & Small Collectibles 50 cents each

Adorable Chinese Red Stool $20.

Chinese Screen $75

Chic Little Table $45

What I love is that it's No Big Deal. Just amble on up to the south side of San Francisco, get a parking spot, and head to the 150 or so stalls. No big parking hassle, no entry fees, everything easy. I always find something. 

And on Mothers Day, what better way to spend a few early morning hours than tending to the redheaded stepchild?


Alemany Flea Market:  Every Sunday, Rain, Fog, Wind or Shine at the intersection of Alemany Boulevard and 101 South in San Francisco, from 8 am until 3 pm. 

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