14 May 2009

The Stunning Chinoiseries of de Gournay

Made in France.
On handmade paper.
Using all natural materials.

deGournay wallpapers are sustainable and green today, just as they have been for 300 years.

Did somebody say that "green" can't be beautiful?

Reinterpreting the exotic style of Chinoiserie in modern and exciting colorways, deGournay has taken on the most accurate and stunning reproductions of the original Chinoiserie designs first introduced to an adoring Europe almost three hundred years ago. By 1720 the taste for Chinoiserie, which had grown up during Louis XIV, had become a craze.

Chinoiserie design endures today because the asymmetry and novel motifs create lighthearted relief in modern, austere and classically designed interiors.

At an extravagant price point, cost is a consideration when using this luxurious handmade wallpaper. So take a cue from the thrifty Provencals and use a little of this enduringly chic motif inside panels on your walls, on your cupboard doors, your screens.

You really don't have to choose between green and beautiful. You just have to have exquisitely good taste.


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