17 May 2009

The Linens of Chic Provence

At ten thousand years old, linen has been used by Provencals for centuries as bedsheets, tablecloths, curtains, furniture. Linen imparts the ease and simple rustic elegance that signals the Chic Provence interior.

I love its rough, handwoven feel. And you can be a little rough with linen, it stands up to a lot. It invites touch and exhalation, whether upholstering an old Louis XV chair, elegantly draped over a worn sofa or used as...a sheet! 

courtesy Libeco

courtesy Libeco

courtesy Libeco

courtesy the amazing  interiors blog
courtesy Red Ticking 

Linen is crisp, clean and comfortable. Soft, yet strong and durable. The more it is used, the softer and stronger it becomes. It is non-allergenic, and sustainable to the core. It offers luxury and comfort, elegance and practicality. If it gets a little worn or torn, just make a pillow or some napkins from the remnants. 

You can look for handwoven pieces at flea markets all over France. Or skip the trip and find incredibly beautiful linens at Libeco. They have listings of local sources, like Red Ticking in Seattle that's like a trip to a flea market itself!

Once you bring linen into your life, you will wonder how you lived without it so long. And you will keep it forever.

That's the soul of the thrifty, chic Provence way of life.


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  1. If there is any fabric more amazing than linen, I certainly cannot think of it! Thanks for dropping by and leading me to your wonderfully refreshing site. My heart beats with your design philosophy in its entirety. Is there such a thing as "design soul mates"?

  2. Hi French-Kissed!

    Yes, Linen Rules!!

    Thanks for visiting and yes we are definitely "design soul mates"!

    I love your site/beautiful!

  3. Hi Karola, thank you for stopping by and visiting!

    Your site is joyful and intriguing. I love the background wallpaper.

    Do you know the work of Jette Froelich from Sweden?

  4. Super

  5. thanks i.K.....love your webiste, amazing!

  6. I'm off to libeco, thanks for a great source! We love your blog and are following away. I do miss visiting SF and we long to go on a design trip with you. Tell us more about this service!

  7. Kit, I'm off to check out Libeco; thanks for the tip. I am hopelessly in love with French linens of all kinds, and now packing up some of my summer pieces. Sigh, summer is on the wane :( time perhaps to throw a blanket of the linen sheeting on the bed!


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