27 May 2009

The Luscious Palettes of Chic Provence

If you love color as much as I do, Provence is your Kismet. Do not tempt fate by fighting this. No, give yourself over to your destiny and immerse yourself in the gloriously sophisticated palettes of Chic Provence.

The subtle neutrals of pearl grey, stone, cream, fawn, white, and taupe provide the perfect foil for punctuating vibrant shades that never fail to make the heart sing.

These neutrals also mix beautifully with each other to stand quietly on their own, providing soulful and soothing retreats where you can exhale and forget the incessant din and chatter outside your doors.

Vibrant Turquoise Console is Stunning Against Pure White
and Would Amaze in an Entryway

Chocolate and Cream Against Pure White Create
Incredibly Inviting Place to Relax

Fuschia and Black with Grey and Creme Walls in the
Ultimate Chic Dining Room

Magenta with Honey Floors and Creme Walls ...
The Painted Poutres and Chandelier Evoke the South of France

Printemps with White Walls and Blue-Grey Soubassements
are Wonderfully Complementary in Spirit

Venetian Red Walls with Taupe and Creme Furniture
Create a Warm and Light-Hearted Haven

Luminous Dove Grey on Wood and Pearl Grey Chalk Walls
Create a Vignette with Great Character in an Attic Room

Rich Creme Walls with Blue-Grey Soubassements to Define the Space

Blue Architectural Details with Soft Ochre Walls...
A Classic Technique in Provence

Deep Creme Walls and Mouse-Grey Soubassements is
a Great Technique for Adding Interest to Plain Walls

Deep Coral on Top Graduating to Fuschia at White Floor..Worth the Effort

Nougatine Walls with Honey Furniture and Floors...
Warm and Inviting Dining

These color palettes will evoke the relaxed and elegant spirit of the South of France for your home. Forget the trends of the day and use these time honored color schemes that have held for centuries. Fresh and modern, traditional and elegant, these colors will sustain and delight you.

After all, it's your design destiny, non?

Incredible photographs of Provence interiors and furniture are 
from the exquisite Roche Bobois Provenciales collection. 
Color ideas are from Massim Publishing, 
Couleurs and 1000 Idees, Couleurs et Ambiances, 
two wonderful color resources I picked up at
Le Comptoir des Ochres in Roussillon in France.


Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


  1. Absolutely beautiful color combinations- I especially like the turquiose console against the white brick. Do not fear color, people!!

  2. Amen! Color is magic! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I wouldn't know about that. I just saw a design with a room featured in bright red. Not the one above, but a red that would hurt your eyes when you look at it. It'll make you want to use natural/neutral colors.

    But the pieces featured here are excellent! I especially love the deep creme wall. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Nicolette,

    Yes you are right, there can be some frightening colors/combinations out there! I especially don't like too many neons together, and strongly contrasting bold stripes, that sort of thing.

    But to each his/her own, right :-)

    Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon I hope!


  5. These are incredibly done well. The mix of colors does not overwhelm the eyes; instead it just adds more visual appeal to the room. I really love the first three pictures and the pops of color in the other photos. Thank you for sharing this very inspiring post. These ideas are a must try.


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